Canoes & Kayaks

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Every canoe and kayak rental begins with basic tips and safety practices before heading kayaks and canoes to the sea.

From starting point at Bluewaves Watersports Marfa bay, you can enjoy our services offered by a professional rower and kayak enthusiast.

Our canoes and kayaks are suitable for everyone, families, groups and young people.

We have a fleet of kayaks designed to ensure maximum safety and security. Our local rowing expert will guide you during the tours and you’ll be equipped with a safety jacket.

You are free to choose  different tour routes. The canoes and kayaks are available from early morning to ensure the best temperatures and sunlight in order to easily complete the route.

Your tour may be modified upon prior request (as long as the guide deems the proposed course technically safe and logistically possible).

Should you have any queries you may send us an email on or through our contacts page.

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