Jetski Rental

The feeling of zooming across the clear, sparkling water of Malta, Gozo and Comino’s surroundings is something you will never forget! Experience a fast ride, or slow it down to accommodate your younger passengers.

You will have the opportunity to explore the incredible natural surroundings between Malta and Comino.

  • Duration: 15mins
  • Price: €36
  • Fuel Included
  • At Bluewaves WaterSports, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality rentals, affordable rates, and excellent customer service. With many years of experience in the boat rental business means we know exactly how to make an adventure perfectly suited to you.
  • Safety is our number one priority, and we take several preventative measures to make sure our guests have a safe and enjoyable ride. Top of the line life vests are issued to each of our customers. Also, we have a personal orientation session to educate you on the necessary safety precautions that one must use before going on sea.
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