Self Drive Boat Hire for 8 persons #7

* These items listed are complimentary and provided free of charge. 

License Required

Fuel not included – Prices are all excluding fuel, we refuel the boat at the end and you pay only for the amount consumed.

While driving in the open sea it is very simple, however, ideally you should know the basic aspects of boating and when you are driving in small spaces or in rough sea conditions. Anchoring or driving in bays and understanding the weather conditions can be hard for people without experience. We highly suggest for beginners to explore open sea iconic locations (We may suggest the perfect locations during briefing). For more information do not hesitate to contact us.

Fuel not included – Prices are all excluding fuel, we refuel the boat at the end and you pay only for the amount consumed.

We have a selection of boats with different sizes and it depends on how many people will be on the boat. From 2 to 8 persons.

Yes we do for adults and children.

Licence not required – All boat drivers must be over 18 years of age and present a valid identification i.e passport/id card and mobile phone.

Anchoring is a crucial skill for safe boating, as it ensures the boat remains stationary when needed, such as during  swimming, or enjoying a scenic view. Lack of anchoring experience can lead to safety risks and damage to the boat.

Yes, we can offer introductory lessons or demonstrations on anchoring techniques for beginners. However, it’s essential to inform us of your experience level beforehand to ensure appropriate support and instructions are provided.

Please note that bookings are taken on ‘first come first served basis’ and are all subject to availability.

To make a reservation you have to first confirm availability by e-mail or by phone, then specifying (in one email) which boat would you like, which day, for how long, and what time you are having the boat. Then you need to provide mobile phone number and make deposit payment of €50 through the PayPal link below, or come at our centre to make deposit payment by cash or credit card.

No one can be under influence of alcohol and everyone on the boat needs to be sober. No alcohol and smoking is allowed on the boat.

When renting a boat, the customer is required to arrive one hour before the time of rental. If the customer is late, they are required to advise our office as soon as possible. Arrival after an hour of the boats rental time will result in cancellation of the booking and loss of the deposit, unless the full price of the rental is paid beforehand.

Boats rented at Bluewaves Watersports are rented for pleasure and comfort purposes. The engine capacities of the boats must be used for cruising speeds only, NOT for racing or use of full power.