Around Comino Trip and Blue Lagoon – 3 Bay Cruise

Blue Lagoon trips
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Welcome to our exciting 3 Bay Cruise adventure, where you’ll discover the stunning beauty of Malta’s crystal-clear waters and breathtaking bays. This blog will guide you through our journey, filled with swimming, snorkeling, and exploring the hidden gems of the Maltese islands.

Departure from Marfa Bay

We will start our journey from our departure location at Marfa Bay. You can look forward to a smooth and scenic departure, setting the tone for a day filled with adventure and relaxation.

First Stop: Crystal Lagoon

Our first stop will be the serene Crystal Lagoon. Known for its crystal-clear waters and beautiful surroundings, it’s a perfect spot for swimming. We’ll anchor here for an hour, giving you ample time to enjoy the lagoon’s refreshing waters and stunning scenery.

Second Stop: Blue Lagoon

Next, we will cruise to the popular Blue Lagoon pier. The choice is yours: explore the charming island of Comino on foot, or stay onboard to enjoy swimming and snorkeling. We’ll anchor the vessel for 2 hours, ensuring you have plenty of time to indulge in the clear waters and vibrant marine life.

Third Stop: Gebla tal-Halfa

Our journey continues to Gebla tal-Halfa, another fantastic spot for swimming and snorkeling. We’ll anchor the vessel and spend an hour exploring the underwater wonders and enjoying the tranquility of this secluded bay.

Exploring Santa Marija Caves

On our way back, we’ll make a stop to explore the Santa Marija caves. These caves offer a unique glimpse into the natural beauty and geological history of Malta. It’s a perfect way to end our day of exploration before heading back to Marfa Bay.

Additional Information

You can rent snorkeling masks onboard our vessel for an extra charge (a refundable deposit may be required). Don’t forget to bring your swimming costumes and towels, as there will be plenty of opportunities to take a dip in the warm, clear waters of Comino.

Schedule and Pricing

  • Duration: Approximately 6 hours
  • Availability: Please view our schedule below for available dates and times.

Join us for an unforgettable experience exploring the stunning bays and waters of Malta. We look forward to welcoming you aboard!

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