Rent a boat in April

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Rent boat in malta

Malta enjoys an average of 11 hours of sunshine each day in April. Throughout an average April in Malta, typical wind speeds usually vary from light to moderate breezes.

April is a good time of year to rent a boat or hit the beach in Malta, since the weather is generally reliable and not too hot. During this month, tourist volumes tend to be relatively lower.

You’re probably wondering how the Coronavirus affected your travel plans. Is it safe to rent a boat? Are there standards for sanitation? We’ll break down what you need to know to assess.

Simply put: Chartering or renting a boat may be among the best options for those who want to experience the outdoors. Renting a boat is above all else, a private experience. With limited exposure to other people, your time on board is spent only interacting with guests you bring along, or with a professional crew. That being said, we want to give you details on security measures that have been taken to assure you that your health is being prioritized in every step of the process.

Hire a boat

Our boats are always held to exceptionally high standards of cleanliness year round, and the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus has made us even more vigilant in upkeeping these high standards.

All the boats and equipment are fully sanitized before and after each rental. Prior beginning your experience, we will be vetting you and your guests to ensure that anyone who has shown signs of illness or has recently come in contact with anyone with COVID-19.

Should you have any queries or would like to book, you can e-mail us or call us on +356 99826863. 

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