Happy kids on holiday in Malta.

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Boats + Beach + Swimming + Sunshine = happy kids on holiday

Having travelled extensively with my children I know there is only so much trekking around city sites they want to do before the sun and sea begin calling. Malta, being a little island in the middle of the Med, has no shortage of incredible beaches and bays and there is no better way to experience them than by boat. The obvious choice is a boat trip to Comino; first, because you can’t leave Malta without seeing Blue Lagoon, and second, because taking an around Comino ferry trip is hassle-free and all the “good parent” boxes can be ticked once you arrive at Blue Lagoon. Food, ice cream, cold drinks, umbrellas, lockers, toilet and shower facility, swimming areas and Insta-worthy settings are all easily accessible.  

Depending on the ages and numbers of your brood, I would recommend one of the following options. 

  •  Around Comino ferry trip)  (approx 3 hours total with a 2h stop for swimming )
  • 2 Bay cruise  (approx 4 hours total with 1h and 2h stops for swimming )
  • Rent a boat from Malta  (half or full day)

Taking the Around Comino ferry

On this trip, you will be with a relatively small group of people which makes it easy to keep your family in sight. There are a lot of things to love about our ferry to Comino, not only do you literally go around Comino and get to see all the postcard-perfect caves and coves, you also get a full two hours to spend in Comino.  The ferry will drop you at the Blue Lagoon pier from where you can decide how you want to spend the next couple of hours. For the children, it’s a no-brainer: the water at the Blue Lagoon is crystal clear and warm in Summer.

Because the trip is about three hours, including the swim time, catching the morning Comino ferry will have you back by lunchtime. The 3:00pm (and last) ferry to Comino from Malta gives you plenty of time to pack a full day’s adventure in before the boat trip. Either way you avoid the peak sun and most crowded time at Blue Lagoon

Two Bay cruise (approximately 4 hours with 3 hours swim time in Comino)

If you are a more sociable family this is a super cruise for you. The Pegasus, your boat for the cruise, is spacious, well-maintained and comfortable. There is an easy-to-board swim platform, snorkeling gear for hire, cold refreshments for sale and an upper deck for sightseeing. Children love the feeling of ‘open sea’ when crossing the channel from Malta to Comino. 

The ferry will anchor in Crystal Lagoon (depending on the weather it may be Santa Maria Bay or  il-Ġebla Tal-Ħalfa) for an hour, during which you can swim and play in the water to your heart’s content. The next stop is the pier at Blue Lagoon.If you need a history fix this is an ideal place to start and end a loop hike. Do your homework, so you can fill your children’s minds with stories of noble Knights hunting boar, Ottoman pirates hiding in the caves on Comino, the Maltese Corsairs and soldiers using Comino as a military base. It won’t be hard to get them to tag along and explore the watchtower and the secret coves along the coastline. At  most, the loop is 5km all round.

Most of the Comino trails can be found on wikilock.com

Hire a boat from Malta Blue Waves

Rent a boat and self-drive to Malta, Comino and Gozo

If you are confident around boats and want some quality family time, hiring a boat for the day will be the best investment you made all holiday.
You do not need to be a licenced captain to rent a boat, we will give you professional safety and operating orientation and a short practice run before you go out. We will also advise you on the best bays to anchor in and best routes to take. To make your boat trip planning easier, the rental boats come with cooler boxes, swim ladder and sun awnings (a must in the Mediterranean sun)
Get your children involved with the trip planning by buying a map of the islands and pinpointing all the landmarks to watch out for along the coastline.They can also be alert for the ice-cream boat at sea for a treat. Just being out in the boat on the open water with the islands as a backdrop is a thrill all its own; add a salty sea spray and warm breeze and you will be promoted from ordinary parents to heros.

To sum up:

What are your children going to love?

Every minute of the day out

What are they going to hate?

Having to say goodbye to Comino

How to book?

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