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Comino: A Secret Paradise

Posted on Nov 30, 2018

Comino: A Secret Paradise

Ref: Timesofmalta

Schoolchildren watched in awe as Comino’s crystal-clear waters and underwater life took centre stage on Wednesday morning through a documentary about the island’s marine protected area. 

Comino: A Secret Paradise reveals the importance of ocean plants in producing oxygen for humans to inhale.

“Every second breath that you take – 50% of the air we breathe, comes from the sea, not from trees. Phytoplankton in the sea are as important as trees on the ground,” Prof. Alan Deidun, executive producer of the documentary, which was funded by the Malta Airport Foundation, told students. 

This is the second documentary about a marine protected area by the foundation, following another one about Filfla which had also been produced in collaboration with Monolith Productions. 

Comino is sought out by tourists during the summer months, but the documentary illustrates how the island’s treasures stretch beyond the sandy beaches and clear waters. 

These gems include naturally formed caves, arches and tunnels, underground shipwrecks and a curious array of marine species. 

Environment Minister José Herrera, who attended the documentary launch, noted that the film required a lot of research, which in turn provided invaluable data and knowledge enabling stakeholders to better protect marine biodiversity. 

Meanwhile, the foundation’s chairman Fredrick Mifsud Bonnici said that while Comino was undisputedly beautiful above ground, it was even more so below the surface. 

“The foundation took on this project to bring Malta’s underwater world to light, taking us a step closer to reaching our primary goal – to raise awareness about Malta’s rich heritage and the diverse environment around us, and to safeguard them for our future generations,” he added.


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