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This is the real holiday! Whether you're sightseeing, rent a boat, sunset cruising, canoeing, fishing, go on a boat trip or snorkeling, Bluewaves is the best way to experience the Blue Lagoon, Comino and its surroundings. With just 3km away from the Blue Lagoon in Comino, you don't need to travel far, which makes it safer and not wasting time/fuel.  

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Comino: A Secret Paradise

Comino: A Secret Paradise

Nov 30, 2018

Ref: Timesofmalta Schoolchildren watched in awe as Comino’s crystal-clear waters and underwater life took centre stage on Wednesday morning through a documentary about the island’s marine protected area.  Comino: A Secret Paradise  reveals the importance of ocean plants in producing oxygen for humans to inhale. “Every second breath that you take – 50% of the air we breathe, comes from the sea, not from trees. Phytoplankton in the sea are as important as trees on the ground,” Prof. Alan Deidun, executive producer of the documentary, which was funded by the Malta Airport Foundation, told students.  This is the second documentary about a marine protected area by the foundation, following another one about Filfla which had also been produced in collaboration with Monolith Productions.  Comino is sought out by tourists during the summer months, but the documentary illustrates how the island’s treasures stretch beyond the sandy beaches and clear waters.  These gems include naturally formed caves, arches and tunnels, underground shipwrecks and a curious array of marine species.  Environment Minister José Herrera, who attended the documentary launch, noted that the film required a lot of research, which in turn provided invaluable data and knowledge enabling stakeholders to better protect marine biodiversity.  Meanwhile, the foundation’s chairman Fredrick Mifsud Bonnici said that while Comino was undisputedly beautiful above ground, it was even more so below the surface.  “The foundation took on this project to bring Malta’s underwater world to light, taking us a step closer to reaching our primary goal – to raise awareness about Malta’s rich heritage and the diverse environment around us, and to safeguard them for our future generations,” he added.  
Trips to Comino & Blue Lagoon - About Comino

Trips to Comino & Blue Lagoon - About Comino

Nov 9, 2018

Comino From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia     For other uses, see  Comino (disambiguation) . Comino Native name :  Kemmuna Aerial view of Comino Map of Comino Geography Location between  Gozo  and  Malta , south of  Sicily ,  Mediterranean Sea Coordinates 36°00′40.6″N   14°20′12.5″E Coordinates :  36°00′40.6″N   14°20′12.5″E Archipelago Maltese Islands Area 3.5 km 2  (1.4 sq mi) Country   Malta Region Gozo Local council Għajnsielem Demographics Population 4   The west coast of Comino, with St Mary's Tower as seen from the  Gozo-Malta ferry Comino  ( Maltese :  Kemmuna ) is an island of the  Maltese archipelago  between the islands of  Malta  and  Gozo  in the  Mediterranean Sea , measuring 3.5 square kilometres (1.4 sq mi) in area. Named after the  cumin  seed that once flourished in the Maltese islands, Comino is noted for its tranquility and isolation. It has a permanent population of only four residents. One priest and one policeman commute from the nearby island of Gozo, to render their services to the local population and summertime visitors. Today, Comino is a  bird sanctuary  and  nature reserve . Administratively it is part of the municipality of  Għajnsielem , in southeastern Gozo.   Contents    [ hide ] ...
Malta Destination Guide

Malta Destination Guide

Oct 16, 2018

Ref: Daily Mail Malta Destination Guide By Chris Leadbeater, TravelMail   Mdina is a former capital of Malta, and offers historical architecture galore Introduction Often dismissed as little more than a package tourism bolthole in the middle of the Mediterranean, Malta is a place of surprising diversity and no little history. Precise knowledge of this island nation's past, in the UK at least, is usually limited to the fact that it was once part of the British Empire (from 1814 to 1964, trivia fans) and played a key strategic role in World War Two – but Malta's story can be traced way back into the fourth century BC. The temple of Ħagar Qim may have been built as early as 3600BC, making it one of the oldest man-made structures on the planet – proof indeed that this island has more to offer than kiss-me-quick hats and half-melted ice cream. Of course, referring to Malta as an 'island nation' is also something of an oversight. Technically, it's an archipelago of rocky outcrops, only three of which – the main island (Malta), Gozo and Comino – are inhabited. Together they make up a mere 122 square miles of land, but there's much to enjoy nonetheless – the delightful walled capital city of Valletta, a collection of lovely beaches, fabulous sea views and waters perfect for scuba diving, to name a small selection. True, some areas are rowdier than others, but with a spot of pre-planning Malta can be every bit as rewarding a Mediterranean holiday destination as some of the more celebrated Greek islands. If you tire of the main island, Gozo (pictured here) and Comino offer pleasant respite Cities As the capital, Valletta is the key city of Malta. It's a delightful spot, standing proud on a short peninsula on the main island's north-east coast, and blessed with a visible history that saw it granted UNESCO World Heritage status in...
Sunset Trips on the Pegasus

Sunset Trips on the Pegasus

Aug 20, 2018

We do not do sunset cruise every day, it depends of the sea condition, for sunset cruise weather  and sea condition must be perfect With sunset cruise you see west side cost of Malta, Paradise bay,  Popeye village, Golden bay, way back you watch sunset.     Sunset Cruises are simply the best! Whether enjoying a romantic moment or having fun with friends and family, there is no better place to watch the sunset than from the deck of our boat!  The sunset hours are a magical time to be out on the water. Treasure every memorable view before relishing a surreal sunset. Paradise bay and Anchor Bay (Popeye village) and more. With the winds calm, the sun turns golden and paints the sky in a palette of hues and colors that seem almost unreal. There is no way you cannot be taken by it. The clean ocean air, vast sky, and unbelievable sunset colors will connect you with nature and give you a feeling of relaxation and happiness that most people don’t get to experience. Join us for our Sunset Cruise and enjoy beautiful views and have a relaxing time. Instead of trying to find the best spots, let the experts do the work for you!  You’re on vacation.. live it!   This slow paced sunset cruise will begin at the starting point of  Bluewaves Watersports Marfa bay . We board our boat and gently cruise the waters. We will watch the sunset over the horizon and slowly cruise back to the dock! Enjoy the views, breathe in the fresh air, and have a good time on this relaxing boat cruise!     Join us as we cruise around the north west of Malta where we will take in the breath taking views of Paradise Bay, Poppeye Village, Golden Bay. Watch the sun slowly sink into the mediterranean sea. 
Malta & Gozo have blue flag beaches

Malta & Gozo have blue flag beaches

Jul 15, 2018

Blue Flag International has once again awarded 12 beaches across the Maltese Islands with the International Blue Flag eco label for Sustainable Development. The worldwide certification is given to beaches and marinas that are exemplary within four main areas: environmental protection and awareness, health and safety, sustainable beach management and accessibility, and bathing water quality. These are the (sustainably) gorgeous beaches with a freshly received blue flag status – which one will you head to first?   Fond Ghadir Bay, Sliema While the promenade in this popular seaside town is renowned for long walks and coffee spots, the shoreline below is ideal for a swim. Font Ghadira is at the centre of it all, having both deep waters for experienced swimmers and shallow pools for paddling about.   Westin Dragonara Resort beach, St Julian's If you’re staying at this   family-friendly resort , you won’t need to go far for a dip in the clear blue sea, thanks to its private rocky beach – convenient, and one of the best locally, win-win!   St George's Bay, St Julian's Despite being man-made (filled and cleaned with imported sand each year), St George’s Bay in the bustling entertainment hub of St Julian’s was actually the first beach in Malta to receive the coveted blue flag status.   Qawra Bay, St Paul's Bay Known to most locals as Ta’ Fra Ben, Qawra Bay is located along the rocky coast of the tourism capitals of Bugibba and Qawra, in the north of the islands. The water does get quite deep here, so best keep an eye on the kids.   Bugibba Perched Beach, St Paul's Bay This spot in the touristic centre of Bugibba is great for swimming and sunbathing, with access to the clearest, deep waters if for experienced swimmers. Meanwhile, up a short flight of steps and you’re right in the...

The Ramla Bay Resort


The Ramla Bay Resort has inaugurated a new extension overlooking the islands of Comino and Gozo. This development consists of a number of versatile accommodation units complemented by a host of new facilities, including restaurants, bars, meeting rooms, an additional indoor pool as well as a state of the art SPA. Although the Resort will remain classified as a 4 star property, the quality of the new accommodation units and amenities on offer will be of a superior level. The new accommodation units will consist of a mix of Deluxe Rooms, Suites and Self Catering Apartments.


The new units are available for booking on our website,  please follow this link to view  

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With a sandy beach and one of the finest rocky coasts on our doorstep, we welcome you to our Water sports center, Bluewaves Watersports. Your holiday will not be complete until you visit us and participate in one of the many services we offer. From day trips to the picturesque island of Comino, to self-drive speedboats and jet skis to paddle boats and canoe hire, we have it all to make your blue waters adventure come true.

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